Since you can’t feel how strong the wind gets here, I thought I would provide some pictures that captivate the extremely breezy conditions of where I am living. The day I took these photos, the wind was actually very still. The trees have been shaped by the wind over time, giving them the appearance of being blown over. Some of you will recall from my natural navigation presentation that this is one way you can deduce direction. The wind blows from a southernly direction here because it is coming off the Southern Ocean to the south of the Cape, resulting in the trees being blown in a northern direction.




These trees must have strong roots to be able to withstand the 20 to 30mph gusts on a daily basis, even if they are practically leaning over.

After looking through my pictures, my dad told me he never sees any clouds. I beg to differ. So here are some cloud photos, Dad:


A view from Marina da Gama


Cloud atop Muizenberg Mountain as the sun sets behind



The cloud you see in these photos is an orographic cloud caused by the rising of warm air up the slopes of the mountain to meet the cooler air atop the mountain. This causes condensation to occur and a thick misty cloud to appear over the mountain. When this cloud appears over Table Mountain, as it so often does, it is appropriately called the “Table Cloth.” A beautiful sight to behold on an otherwise cloudless day. Pictures of Table Mountain and Table Cloth to come later.


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