I recently moved into a new place in the laid back surfer’s haven of Muizenberg with a lovely lady by the name of Lynn, a native of Chicago who has been volunteering with the Bicycling Empowerment Network for the past two years and is making the transition of moving to South Africa permanently. One of the appeals of moving in with Lynn and her South African surfer hubby was the hard-to-pass-up fact that her second floor abode is not only seated on the mountainside but also conveniently located across from the ocean. In the morning I watch the sun rise over the Huguenot Mountains and False Bay while I sip my coffee and look for dolphins surfing the waves, while trains packed with passengers slowly pass by on the railroad tracks below and cyclists training for the famous Argus Cycle Tour brave the traffic on busy Main Road. A patio out back with a blooming garden of fresh vegetables and flower beds going up the mountain provides a nice atmosphere to relax in the afternoon. We often “braai” fresh fish from Kalk Bay Harbour in the evenings. A braai is the popular South African tradition of barbequing. A short walk down the road toward the fishing village of Kalk Bay leads to the ocean tidal pools where I can safely swim in the clear water protected from the powerful waves.


Muizenberg Train Station


Home: the yellow house in the middle


View from the living room

Training cyclists

Training cyclists


Binoculars for shark spotting!


Prawns and veggies from the braai

Prawns and veggies from the braai


The essentials


Back patio with garden built into mountainside



Growing some parsley, carrots, and spring onions


Ocean tidal pool



Sunrise by the beach

There is a range of rocky trails to explore in Table Mountain National Park located directly behind my house which is accessible up a steep staircase down the road. A quick, steep climb up the mountain provides rewarding views of False Bay, Kalk Bay, and Noordhooek Beach on the Atlantic side of the peninsula.




Incredible view from the top


Looking down on False Bay and the road where I live


View of Muizenberg

Everyday I am amazed by the natural beauty all around me.


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