“Writing” on Bikes

After speaking with my friend Eddie about how much money he spends on a taxi bus to get to and from work each day, I asked him if he would consider riding a bicycle if he had one. He exclaimed that he would love to bicycle to work because he would get exercise and wouldn’t have to waste time waiting for a taxi. He figured it would save him 500 rand per month. I told him we must figure out a plan to get him a bicycle. At our weekly staff meeting at BEN, I asked if we donate bicycles to people who request them. I was informed that the person must write a letter requesting the donation. After work I headed down to Kalk Bay to help Eddie compose the letter. I told him what points should go into the letter while he put everything in his own words. While Eddie was writing the letter, my young friend Pleiades came over and asked if he could write a letter as well. Unfortunately many of the bicycles in storage at BEN are too big for a nine year old, but I told him it’s worth a shot. He excitedly sat down with my backpack on and began writing his own letter. As he looked to me to help him write the letter, I asked him questions to get him thinking. I asked him what he would use the bicycle for, how he would take care of it, where he would go with, why he likes biking, etc. Everyday since he wrote the letter, he has asked me if the BEN staff liked his letter and when he will be getting the bike. Hopefully I can get him and Eddie riding on bikes soon!





What a cutie.


I let him borrow the bicycle I have been using


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