Ostrich Kloofing

Amanda and I had the pleasure of “kloofing,” the Afrikaans word for canyoneering, while staying near Cape Town. The name of the kloof we would descend was called Volstruiskloof, which in Afrikaans means Ostrich Kloof. Our trek to reach the head of the kloof would take us up a side kloof with boulders to climb over, crystal clear pools to drink from, and rock climbing baboons barking threateningly at us from the high vertical walls. We forged our way through fields upon fields of the meanest plants that did not want us to pass through without marking our legs up and down with cuts. We dropped our packs at our campsite and continued up the kloof to summit a quick peak. A night was spent in the kloof under a giant alcove to protect us from rain. The kloofing trip the following day consisted of 15 rappels down wet and mossy vertical drops, several tea breaks (yes, South Africans stop to boil water to drink tea while hiking), and a phenomenal ending rappel following by a jump into cool water before starting our hot hike out of the kloof.








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