The final two weeks

If you’ve been wondering what Amanda and I have been up to during our travels in South Africa, the truth is a lot, even though the blog might not reflect that. We’ve been so busy soaking up the adventure and culture of this country that keeping up with the blog has been challenging. But I can’t say we haven’t tried. The problem is the very slow internet everywhere we go. It’s been nearly impossible to get a good enough connection to load a blog post and that’s time consuming when our days are packed! We’ve had quite a few life changing moments and we can’t wait to share them with all of you when we return. But for now we’re going to continue living big and enjoying the last two weeks of our journey. Currently Amanda and I are going our separate ways for 5 days. Amanda is heading to the beach to get as much ocean time, surfing, and seashell collecting as she can and I’ll be heading into the mountains to hike South Africa’s famous Amatola Trail for several days. Next up is Durban where we hope to snorkel, yes swim, with sharks. And then we’ll be in the Drakensberg Mountains, the most beautiful and dramatic mountain range in South Africa. Our final experience will be driving through Kruger National Park hoping to see some big animals! We’ve been inspired in so many ways by all the people we have met and we are the most grateful for this. The hospitality here has made our trip and continues to give us good vibes. Onward we go!



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